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Ying first arrived in Panama as a quick stopover in her big Latin American trip at the end of December 2017. When she decided to go explore Boquete in January 2018, she struggled to get her bus ticket. She desperately searched for a way to buy tickets online but none existed. She was out the door and on her way at 9.30am, set on securing her seat for an express bus to David that night. 4 cancelled Ubers, 2 hours of waiting, sold out tickets, and lots of wasted time and money later, she was finally on her way to David, more than 24 hours later than she had initially planned.

In Boquete, she met her Airbnb host, Calvin, who has been living in Panama since January 2017. They clicked immediately. As Ying recounted her arduous experience getting there, and Calvin recounted his many guests who had complained about the same process, they started discussing how to fix the problem.

In the following months, they talked to travelers in hostels all over Panama, and heard the same story over and over again - $10-$20 in Uber/taxi costs just to get to Albrook Terminal to guarantee their seats, 1 hour to get there and back plus 30 minutes of waiting in line, sold out tickets resulting in last minute changes and logistical nightmares.

In April 2018, they realized that if they didn’t do something, nobody would, and started building Panama Bus Tickets. Now, they are proud to bring to you a service which helps you save time, money and unnecessary frustration.

Ying Han

is a third culture kid who has lived in 9 countries across 4 continents. She has worked as an FX Trader and Strategy Researcher for investment banks such as Citi and BNP Paribas, as well as served as Head of Business Development at the startup Tyba (acquired in 2016), and gained VC experience as an intern at Golden Gate Ventures, one of the leading VC firms in Singapore. Ying said goodbye to the corporate world in 2017 to begin seeking out opportunities in emerging markets. She is obsessed with art-rap and doesn’t believe in vegetables.