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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Panama Bus Tickets?

Panama Bus Tickets is the only place where you can order bus tickets online in Panama with ease, security and speed. Instead of wasting your precious travel time and money (from all hostels in Panama City, Uber costs $7-$10 roundtrip during normal hours, and $10-$20 roundtrip during rush hour) to take an additional trip to Albrook Bus Terminal just to secure your spot on the bus, let us help you.

How do I do use Panama Bus Tickets?

It's a fast, easy and secure process. Just 1) pick your destination, date and time, 2) fill in your personal information, 3) pay securely with any card. You will shortly 4) receive your email confirmation. All you have to do now is 5) collect your ticket(s) at Albrook Bus Terminal 15 to 45 minutes before your bus departure time. We aim to serve you by turning a multi-hour frustrating process into a few simple clicks on your screen so you can simply 6) sit back, relax, and be on your way to your big adventure!

Why do I have to upload a copy of my passport (for foreigners) / my cedula (for residents and Panamanians) when I purchase the ticket?

A copy of your identification document is required to purchase bus tickets in Panama for all domestic and international travel as mandated by law and enforced by all bus operators. Please ensure that the copy of the identification document provided matches the actual traveler.

NOTE: The bus driver or bus inspector is entitled to deny you your right of travel if you cannot provide identification as specified on the ticket.

Why do I have to enter my contact information (email address and mobile number)?

In the event that a bus departure is cancelled or fully booked, we need your contact information to be able to inform you about the cancellation and alternative travel options. Any concerns? Please read our Privacy Policy.

Can I reserve a seat on the bus?

A purchased ticket also means a reserved seat on the bus. Currently, it is not possible to choose your seat number. However, based on availability, we will always do our best to purchase seats together for any booking of 2 or more tickets.

Why must I arrive at the bus terminal at least 15 minutes before the departure time scheduled?

The buses usually start boarding 15 minutes before departure time. It takes 5 minutes to walk from one end of Albrook Bus Terminal to the other. To ensure that you have sufficient time to collect the ticket, get to the right boarding area, and go through the turnstile to reach your bus, please ensure that you arrive at Albrook Bus Terminal at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

Why can I not buy a ticket for some routes?

We are currently only offering 3 routes: 1. Panama City to David (to get to Boquete, Volcan Baru and Lost and Found Hostel), 2. Panama City to Almirante (to get to Bocas Del Toro), and 3. Panama City to Changuinola (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica). We are constantly seeking to expand our offerings. If there is a particular route you are interested in purchasing, please Contact Us.

Can I change or cancel my ticket?

Yes, you may change or cancel your ticket up to 48 hours before the departure time stated on your original booking. For cancellations, we charge a service fee of $7.00 per ticket. For changes, we charge a service fee of $3.50 per ticket per change. To change or cancel your ticket, please read our Change and Cancellation Policy and Instructions.

Are there any other fees I have to pay?

At Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City, you will require a RapiPass (Metro card will not work) to go through the turnstile from the waiting area to the boarding area. In the event where you don’t have a RapiPass, simply keep a 10-cent coin handy and ask any friendly Panamanian around to help tap you in.